Teeing up women for success in golf and beyond.

Forward Tees Treasure Coast Golf Bash

May 20th, 2023 - Sailfish Sands Golf Course

Forward Tees Fellowship Program

The Forward Tees Fellowship is a mentorship and networking program that works to connect business professionals with junior golfers and young professionals in advancement of opportunities for women in golf. 

Mentorship Program Overview

The fellowship is designed as a life cycle of community support composed of junior fellows, ambassadors, and fellows. Junior fellows are young women between the ages of 14-18 who register for the program as mentees. Ambassadors are young women who have recently embarked on their own professional pursuits having completed school and are working to give back. Fellows are professionals who make a pledge of financial support and agree to serve as a mentor for a junior as they progress through a guided curriculum focused on personal and professional growth. 

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Paying it forward by Playing Forward

The Forward Tees works to create pathways to opportunity for junior lady golfers through events, professional mentorship, and grant programs to support partner charities.

Resources for women pursuing opportunities in golf.

Family and Community Resources

Forward Tees family and community resources are provided to support young women and their support systems to navigate pathways to successful golf playing and professional careers.

Professional Mentorship

Forward Tees mentorship programs connect rising women golfers with business and golf professionals to offer insights and support on career growth and life around golf. 

Family Resources

Navigating the pathways for pursuing competitive golf for young ladies can be a daunting task for families. Forward Tees resources are designed to offer families the insights and information needed to support young women in achieving their golf dreams each step of the way.

Scholarships & Grants

Forward Tees events raise money to contribute to scholarships and grants for mission aligned individuals and organizations. 

Team Seminars

Forward Tees ambassadors are former competitive and professional golfers working to share knowledge and insights on the topics and challenges faced by aspiring young lady golfers.

Special Events

Forward Tees ambassadors work with partner charities and organizers to support fundraising and advancement efforts for women’s golf.